1. Lab safety orientation and device fabrication training.

Mr. Zhongcheng Yuan organized a lab safety orientation for Ph.D. students Miss Hongling Yu and Mr. Marten Koopmans. The safety orientation is a compulsory program for new coming students. Serial issues regarding lab safety, personal safety and basic rules will be introduced.

At the same time, Dr. Weihua Ning offered device fabrication training for Miss Hongling Yu and Mr. Marten Koopmans. The training offered the skills to deposit thin films with a solution method.

10th, Oct. 2017

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2.  Dr. Weihua Ning seconded to Nanjing Tech University.

Dr. Weihua Ning is now in Nanjing working with Prof. Jianpu Wang and colleagues. The research topics are double perovskite materials and the application of photovoltaics .  His main work was on the growth of double perovskite crystals, device fabrication and characterization of lead free double perovskite solar cells. During this time, Dr. Weihua Ning received several specific training on Instrument using, including single crystal X ray diffractometer, temperature dependent UV vis and PL, none of these measurements were available in Linkoping University. He also achieved some interesting results on lead free double perovskite solar cells which is being prepared for formal publication.

With the help from Nanjing Tech University, Linköping University builds advanced film preparation technology for device fabrication. What’s more, Dr. Weihua Ning obtained some significant results, which should have great chance to solve the toxicity problem of perovskite solar cells. It’s a great breakthrough in this project.


5th, Jan. 2018

3. Miss Gintarė Kuksėnaitė Erasmus+ studies in Linköping univeristy.

Coming to LiU for my first Erasmus+ studies have been a bit frightful at first. This is my first studies abroad and I’ve chosen a new theme for my Project Work – from perovskite solar cells to perovskite-based terahertz metamaterials. That meant that I had to learn photolithography and soft-lithography techniques.
But working with Prof. Feng Gao’s group has not been scary at all. My Project Work supervisor Carlito Ponseca has made sure that I would learn about all the needed techniques. Prof. Niclas Solin and prof. Edwin Jager let me attend their theoretical lectures on these topics as a free listener. Prof. Chun-Xia Du has shown me the process of Photolithography at DPL and gave important know-how tips. It was quite an achievement when having only a few days of experience in the field of Photolithography I’ve made my first silicon moulds – 50 µm structures with 2 µm gaps inside them! The next step was making polymer stamps and stamping perovskites. I even learned new tricks about handling perovskites from my group colleagues.
I especially appreciate the fact that the people working in the labs are willing to help and share their know-how knowledge.

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6th Nov.2018